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The chemical-physical laboratory offers different types of analyses and on different matrices:

Food analyses: bakery products, ice cream, meat and meat-based products, drinks and fruit juices, vegetable and fish preserves, coffee, cocoa and chocolate, cereals and derivatives, delicatessen products, milk and dairy products, food pastes, fish products, oils and fats, dried fruit and fruit and vegetables, snacks, spices and colonial products, eggs, honey and apicultural products, etc.
Cosmetic analyses: face and body creams, scrubs, oils, shampoos and body washes, personal hygiene products, etc.
Water analyses: drinking, well, mineral, supply network, waste, swimming pool, humidifier
Food Contact/Packaging: materials in contact with food and plastics
Pet Food: dry, moist and feed.


In particular, the ITA laboratories offer tests to search for:
  • Simple and extended nutritional facts: Humidity, Ashes, Proteins, Carbohydrates (of which sugar), fats (saturated, unsaturated and polyunsaturated), Food fibre, Energy
  • Basic analyses: NaCl, Number of peroxides, rancidity test, Acidity, ABVT, etc.
  • Mycotoxins: Aflatoxins, Zearalenone, Deoxynivalenol, Ochratoxin A, etc.
  • Vitamins
  • Residues of pesticides and multiresidue analyses
  • Biogenic amines
  • Allergens with PCR and ELISA techniques
  • Colourings
  • Heavy metals and minerals
  • Global and specific migration testing
  • Control of chemical parameters on water
In the case of specialised analyses, ITA can also count on highly external qualified and specialised partners to perform single tests or specialised in particular matrices to offer the client a highly qualified service.

ITA Istituto Tecnologie Avanzate Srl
Strada Comunale Savonesa 9
phone: +39 0131 860700 - 860982
fax: +39 0131 860218

Technical Department
Dott.ssa Francesca Balocco
phone: +39 0131 860700-860982
fax: +39 0131 860218
e-mail: fbalocco@ita-ali.com

Chemical laboratory
Dott.ssa Cinzia Protto

Presentation Services News and Events Request for a Quotation Group Website

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